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Earn more money per client - see more clients per day

By combining digital technology with the latest fashion trends for nails, our NailJet Pro® system will allow you to earn more money per client and see more clients per day.  Additionally, with the level of detail and color variety achievable only through digital technology, you will be able to provide a service that your competition can not begin to duplicate.  And if you are concerned about competing against the DIY (do-it-yourself) nail art kits now being offered everywhere, our NailJet Pro® system will allow you to provide images that make anything else look like something a child would wear.

If you're ready to take a serious look at bringing your company and your nail tech skills into the 21st century, then continue to browse around our website to learn what Salonique and its ImagiNail line of fashion nail printers can do for you.  It's the digital age and our NailJet Pro® nail printers will soon be printing incredible images and nail art designs on clients in your neighborhood - don't let the competition beat you on this one.